In Vietnam, “Start-up” becomes the hot topic in these recent years. However, as the limit on the start-up resource, both on budget and human resource, each start-up may only build-up successfully their own system and step-by-step attach their own market. This mean if we have 2000 start-ups, Vietnam will own 2000 micro-systems which are completely INDEPENDENT. That will be a huge WASTE of resources to redo works, WASTE of business chances if there is NO CONNECTION between above systems.

STG SOLUTION is the leading company which focus on connecting systems. We always focus on developing generic solution which can be able to easily be connected and explored to any other ones.

STG SOLUTION is the best supported-company for any start-up. If you have a crazy idea, don’t hesitate to come to us! We offer you lot of services from consultant, implementation to deployment. We even can help you on the initial effort to make your idea come true. And of course, we also help you to connect with other system to explore your business market.